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316英作說明文(My Advice)

31603 李芷萱

     Time and tide wait for no man. Three years ago, I was a freshman in senior

high school, but now I am about to be an undergraduate. When it comes to my

high school life, I think it was filled with tests and stress. In the meantime, it was

full of activities and contest which were interesting and meaningful. Of all the

memories in my high school time, an English composition contest influenced me

the most. Many extraordinary students from different countries participated in

the contest. Imagine how competitive it was! I tried my best to make my

composition perfect and I revised it again and again. Eventually, my effort paid off

and I got a prize. Although it was not the first prize, it had proved that the old

saying which I was deeply believe,” where there is a will, there is a way.” However,

everything didn’t go so smoothly. While I was confident of my English ability,

especially in English composition, I didn’t get good grades on the English subject

In the Entrance Examination to College. I was so frustrated about that.

     There is a saying that goes,” A wise person profits from his mistakes.’ I have

learned that I should be more diligent and practice more. Thus, I made every

effort to improve my English ability. As long as I determine to do something and

try hard, I will accomplish my goal in the end. As a consequence, it is not shameful

that you make mistakes or encounter difficulties, what’s more significant is what

you have learned from them. This is what I have understood during my high school

time, and now I would like to share this understanding with the juniors in school

as my advice for them. 

315英作說明文(My Advice)

31505 周琬綺

     To me, the memories in senior high school are fabulous and glorious.

When I was a freshman, I was fascinated by a band in our school, and

I thought a good drummer was important to a band, so I joined in music

club at once and learned how to beat drums well. Though I was passionate

with drums at first, I felt tired and wanted to give up before long. Then,

I really quitted and made those who ever supported me to pursue my dreams

disappointed. However, my parents didn’t blame me; instead, they encouraged

me to try different things. Afterward, I joined another club, the English

conversation club, where I learned a lot of fun knowledge, tried to talk with

foreign teachers, and saw some inspiring movies. When I was a second grader,

I was selected to be the club leader, and did my best to manage the club.

My partners and I got along well and completed many activities together.

Those events gave me a sense of achievement and some unforgettable


     Therefore, I would like to say to my juniors in school that the most

important thing is always take a grateful attitude towards your parents

and everyone around you. When I gave up halfway, no one teased me

and they even helped me to rebuild my self-confidence. Second, after

experiencing failure, how do you bestir yourself? Don’t make those who

love you worry about you. There are many things waiting for you to

explore and maybe you will get wonderful results after you try them.

Wish you all make good use of high school lives. 

31514 莊于萱

     As time goes by, my high school life has almost come to an end.

During the three years, I did learn a lot and conquer many challenges.

However, what impressed me most is actually the intensive schedule

of study arrangement. I wasn’t really good at arranging time when I

first came to high school. Nonetheless, when the academic pressure

pushed me to the limit and gave me no choice but to save every

precious minute, I found my potential and realized that I could make

good use of the time. Since then, I have enjoyed having fun with

friends in school while studying hard during every trivial moment.

It made me become an efficient person.

  If you think that high school is just a stepping stone to college,

which means studying all day long only for admission to higher education,

then you’re wrong. Try to learn how to arrange your time wisely and study

hard along the way, and then you may find yourself gaining even more

opportunities to learn new things and pursue your dream. 

31525 詹雅棠

     High school life is an important phase of my career, and I’ve learned

lots of things during this time. For instance, I found some of my shortcomings

which hadn’t been discovered before. Besides, I made a lot of good friends

who are decent and diligent. They give me many awesome lectures which are

beneficial to my attitude toward things. However, I am regretful that I was too

self-confident before. For example, I used to think that I could deal with math

very well, so I didn’t pay much attention to it; consequently, I got a poor result

after the Entrance Exam.

     Therefore, I suggest that sometimes, students should obey the instruction

of adults. Due to their own experiences, they will tell you some of their failures

in order to make sure that you won’t get a bad outcome in the end. Try hard

and believe yourself, and you can definitely harvest the good result of your

endeavor with a big smile on your face in the future. 

303英作說明文(My Advice)

30334 劉宗雯

     Ready for graduation, I think I can make a conclusion that my high school life is

full of happiness, though there are tears, inevitably. During this golden time, I get along

with people of various characters, and develop good friendship with some of them.

The decent academic achievement I reach marks my diligence and the road of

progress I keep going on. Nevertheless, there is something I have dwelled on for a

very long time. Previously, I joined the baking club as a first grader, and everything

went well; however, my leaving the club made me lose the qualification of participating

in the club election for leaders. The secondary leader told me if I had stayed for

election, it was very possible for me to stand out because the seniors appreciated me

very much.

     Undoubtedly, if someone doesn't want to be regretful for something undone, he

must not overlook any potential opportunity. Although chances in the high school life

seem to be numerous, there is still no allowance for ignorance. If you really long for

a colorful, memorable high school, the most significant key is your attitude. With proper

state of mind, and enough ambition, the high school life belonging to you will make you

proud of it after your graduation. 

30329 楊茗捷

     In my high school life, I remember that I took part in a school club called

Movie Art. Actually, it was fun but it was too tiring for me because all the activities

they did required concentration and a lot of power, such as holding a cinecamera

and photograghing around the whole school. Thus, I didn't participate in the activities,

so I felt a little bored and lonely.

     I guess that I should have joined them at that time even though I felt terribly tired.

If I had done the activities with others who joined the club, perhaps I wouldn't be

regretful now. And maybe I wouldn't feel that I was wasting my precious time.

Thus, I just want to tell my juniors in school, "If you want to do anything you feel like

doing , just do it! Don't make yourself regret." 

303英作說明文(Studying at Home or Aboard)

30306 吳逸禪

     Studying abroad has always been my dream. However, I haven’t had

the chance to go abroad yet. I have studied in my home country for nearly

eighteen years. Therefore, I think I can tell about the advantages and

disadvantages of studying in a native place. It is good for us to learn

the culture of our hometown, and it is safer than studying abroad because

we live in the places that we are familiar with and we speak our native

language, too. Besides, if we study in some countries like the US, the UK,

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan, the expenses of education and

living there aren’t affordable for a normal family. Of course, it also has negative

influence on us to studying in our home country. Because we always live in

the same environment, we can have few chances to experience the life style

abroad and we also have difficulties learning about an exotic culture. Studying

abroad can help us improve our communication skills. Because we are in the

unfamiliar countries, we need to get used to the local custom by interacting

with the locals. To sum up, the difference between studying in our home country

and studying abroad is that the former can bring us the sense of security while

the latter can broaden our horizons.

      In my point of view, I would still choose to study abroad if I had the chance

now. I don’t like the education system in Taiwan because it usually makes people

think that it is the best way for a student to go to a high school or a university

which has great reputation, instead of letting students go to the school which they

choose based on their interest. In addition, people’s creativity is also oppressed

in the environment in Taiwan because most people believe that having good grades

in schools is the best way to the better future. Because I am a person who doesn’t

want to be restricted, I would like to study abroad rather than stay in Taiwan for my

whole life. The most important of all, I love travelling around the world, so studying

abroad is an excellent way for me to realize my dream! 

315英作說明文(If I could change one thing about myself...)

31534 張鼎矗 

If I could change one thing about myself, I would change the way I exist.

To elaborate, first, I would need no concrete body in this fantasy of mine,

but simply a mind; second, this mind is incomplete, that it, only the

third-person aspect of it remains; third, it is parasitical. While every individual

walks among this world in first-person, the world is experienced through the

third-person, and to be a mental parasite would give me the privilege of

experiencing every corner of the earth, or any piece of man-made art.

In other words, I would get to live in both the virtual world and the fictional

fantasies of humans without ever having the yearning, or the responsibility,

of having a personality.

        Due to the lack of a first-person mind, therefore the ability to make choices,

I hereby add that I would be a creature that gravitates towards people with

exceptional taste. With this extra gift, I would eventually make hosts out of the

likes of Lady Gaga. The thought of this gives me chills. To think the things I’ll get

to experience! Of course, to live without concrete flesh would also imply immortality.

One day, after millennia of marveling at human inspiration and the works of nature,

I would be spent. That day, I would detach myself from possibly the hundredth

reincarnation of Gaga, and put myself in hibernation, until the universe one day

destroys itself. And if somehow I survive the destruction and enter some new born

time and space, who knows? Perhaps I’ll start all over again.



31508 林姿瑾

     If I could change one thing about myself, I would like to learn about hypnosis

so that I would never have to worry about making someone embarrassed, or

even furious because of my thoughtlessness. Being optimistic and a little too

talkative, I always chat with my friends with lots of jokes. However, little am

I aware of the limitation about making jokes on others.

     So, if I had the ability of hypnosis, I would be able to hypnotize the one

being furious because of my awkward behavior. I could make them fall asleep

deeply, forcing them to forgive and forget about it. In addition, I could also

hypnotize the boy I have a crush on, persuading him into loving me as well,

and live a carefree and wonderful life together like what is described in

fairy tales.  

303英作說明文(If I could change one thing about myself...)

30323 郭秀雯

 If I could change one thing about myself, I would change myself into

a girl who has enough courage to tell others about her thoughts, emotions

and feelings. I am the oldest child in my family, and the youngest child is

now studying in kindergarten for a year. When I visited my cousins and

my grandparents, sometimes they made me feel I didn’t belong. At first,

I often told my opinions and ideas to my uncle, aunts and grandparents.

However, as my cousins grew up ,they started to ignore me and just listen

to my cousins .Then I became sick of telling them what I really thought in

my mind, but it seemed that they didn’t notice any difference after so many

years have passed.

         If I could change myself into a girl who has enough courage to tell

others about my thought, first I would tell my aunts, uncle, grandparents

and my parents that they should never ignore what I say again and should

listen to my feelings and thoughts. Second, I would apologize to my teacher

in junior high school for saying wrong words when I represented my class

to thank my teacher. It has been in my mind for three years .If I could

really change myself, I would definitely say sorry to him for that again

before he retired.          


30336 鍾佳蓉

     If I could change one thing about myself, I would want to change my

timidity and become an extrovert. Generally speaking, I am always so shy and

timid that I can’t talk about anything to people when I am in a new environment.

However, I am an optimistic person, so I can laugh or talk loudly with my friends.

I hope I could have more courage to socialize in a new environment.

     I think that joining clubs is a good method to enhance my courage because

there are many people who have the same interest as me. Maybe their passion

could dispel my timidity and make me become extroverted gradually. If I really

could change my timidity, I would make many friends and get along with them well.

I guess that I would feel happy and I wouldn’t worry about if I was lonely or I was

a bad friend. I want to embrace this feeling of openness. I will try my best to

change my timidity. 

316英作描寫文(Beach Sunset)

31638 葉哲維

    Sunset is a beautiful view of Mother Nature. It is especially overwhelming

when it is viewed with the beach being the background. The sky was painted

into golden or orange. The sun got closer to its reflection in the ocean, and

gradually the two combined together. The ocean also reflected the color of

the sky with regular waves hitting the beach. Sitting on the beach, I felt

the fresh breeze with a little salty smell. The temperature of beach sand felt

comfortable different from its heat at noon. The surroundings were relaxing.

This view was just like a magic show performed by nature. The color of the

sky kept changing from golden to dark red, showing that time kept going.

When the sun almost disappeared from my sight, the temperature also

dropped. I stood up and walked to my bike. Before going home, I stared

at the last beams beyond the sea, recalling the spectacular view, and then

rode on my way to the sweet home.

31627 王樂凌

     One day, I saw the most beautiful sight in my life. It was a beach sunset.

The smooth and yellow sunlight reflected on the beach and clouds. It was not

too hot but warm, and the cool wind blowing on my body made me feel so

comfortable. Also, the golden sun above the sea level looked just like an

orange floating on the ocean. It was such an interesting sight. On the beach,

couples and lovers walked along the coastline, the sunlight made their shadows

longer, looking like some long-legged people lying on the golden beach. I not

only saw a beautiful view, but also heard and smelled something unforgettable,

such as the sounds of waves and the salty smell from the sea. The best

experience that I couldn’t forget was hearing a band singing love songs there.

That was so romantic. In the future, if I have time, I will go to the beach to

enjoy the sunset again. 


31618 傅宥榛

     After a tiring work day, people go home to rest when the sun falls down

from the sky. To me, the sunset gives me a sense of relaxation. I like watching

the sunset very much, because it symbolizes that a new beginning is coming

soon, and I can examine all the things I do on this day. However, I don’t have

the opportunities to see the beautiful sunset every day, so I would recall from

my memory the perfect sunset I’ve ever seen every time.

     I walked along the beach with my bare feet. Sea waves hit the shore one

after another. Besides ocean spray which was as white as snow, the sun

which cast orange glow caught my attention more than the former. I sat on

the beach and enjoyed the sunset delightedly. I felt as if I had drunk a cup of

hot chocolate, and gratification prevailed in my mind. Thesunset warmed me,

more and more feelings hitting my heart. Next time, you can experience it by

yourself. I believe that it would be unforgettable for you. 


31603 李芷萱

     Kenting, a famous tourist attraction in Taiwan, not only boasts

bustling streets, but is famous for its beautiful beach which I am

fascinated by. Appreciating the astonishing sunset at the beach

is the most enjoyable thing for me. I remember that once I

appreciated the stunning sunset there, and it ended up becoming

an unforgettable memory to me.

     Strolling on the beach, I could feel the wind blowing and it

touched my face tenderly. It was a little chilly but comfortable.

The sky was getting dark, and the sun was sparkling with orange

color. Also, I could hear and see the waves flapping stones. Breathing

deeply, I could taste the salty air. Some crabs appeared on the

coastline, finding food to eat. I got close to them and touch them,

thinking that they were so lovely. How beautiful the scenery was!

It was just like a magnificent picture that I would never forget.


31639 詹詣祥

     I once walked on the beach at sunset. The sun gave off orange and

warm light. I trampled on the sand, feeling something moving beneath

my feet. “Maybe there were a few creatures running in it,” I guess. The

wind that contained a strong smell of sea blowing to me really refreshed

my mind. The shells on the beach provoked my curiosity. I picked up one

of them to hear the sound inside it. When I was listening to the fascinating

sound, a wave hit me all of a sudden, which took me by surprise. Moreover,

it made my shorts wet. However, I didn’t feel terrible but thought of it as

a power of nature. It seemed to tell something to me that I couldn’t

understand. Before long, I felt a bit weary and then lay on the beach.

Closing my eyes, I slept with the sun setting in front of me.